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Longlist – Cheers to the freakin’ weekend

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Afghan Wigs – Fountain and Fairfax

Op 7866 Fountain Ave.// N. Fairfax Ave. staat de Crescent Heights Methodist Church – bekend om z’n AA-bijeenkomsten voor de sterren. Robbie Williams schijnt er ook te zijn geweest.

Angel, I’m sober
I got off that stuff
Just like you asked me to
Angel, come closer
So the stink of your lies
Sinks into my memory
She said baby, forever, but I don’t like to be alone
So don’t stay away too long
Baby, forever, well it’s Tuesday now
I hear him breathing inside of her
Let me drink
Let me tie off
I’m really slobbering now
Let it stink
Let it dry up
It’s impossible
Angel, forever
Don’t you promise me what you cannot deliver
Angel, together
I’ll be waiting for you on Fountain and Fairfax

Andre Hazes – De Hoogste Tijd

Nog een mop en even lachen dan is het voorbij
de zaak die is nu leeg
Lege flessen en wat pinda’s liggen op de grond
de jukebox die plots zweeg.

Het is tijd, de hoogste tijd
U wordt bedankt voor weer een avond gezelligheid
Dag mevrouw en dag meneer
u komt hier toch weer

Amy Winehouse – Rehab

The man said, “Why do you think you here?”
I said, “I got no idea
I’m gonna, I’m gonna lose my baby
So I always keep a bottle near”

He said, “I just think you’re depressed”
This me, “Yeah baby, and the rest”
They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, “No, no, no”

Annett Louisan – Das Alles wär nie passiert (ohne Prosecco)

Der Freund auf dem Anrufbeantworter brüllt:
“Hey, was hast du genommen?”
Er sagt mein BH sei auf eBay
Wie bin ich nach hause gekommen?

Himmel, Arsch, wieso bin ich gepierct
Und was soll dieses Schlangen-Tattoo?
Wessen Zeug liegt auf meinem Bett
Und wer zum Teufel bist du?

Das alles wär nie passiert
Ohne Prosecco


Beasts of Bourbon – The Hate Inside

I didn’t go to the AA meeting today
The hate inside gets purer every pay
If the hate in me was let run free
It would surley bring this old world to an end
And my hate would go on living
To a never ever ending end

Betty Hall Jones – Buddy, Stay Off That Wine

Now drinking wine is an old, old thing
Youve heard that all the queens and even the king of Egypt
Used to sip it now and then
But they didnt get drunk and fall on the floor
And turn round and run smack into a door
Like some of these modern wine drinking men.

Buffalo Tom – Taillights Fade

Lost my life in cheap wine
Now it’s quiet time
Cappy Dick nor Jesus Christ
Could not help my fate


Carter the Unstopable Sex Machine – A Prince In A Pauper’s Grave


Johnny drinks, Johnny drinks,
Johnny drinks Johnnie Walker
Runs up a bill that the pope couldn’t pay
He’s drinking to the memory
Of a prince in a paupers grave

Chace Morris – Cirrhosis

At Rustbelt 2014
– ‘Dat is het helemaal geen liedje!’
– ‘Maar het is wel een mooi staaltje poëzie. Ik zet ‘m toch op de lijst.’

My mother was a stubborn drunk. Try telling a 40-year-old bottle of Hennessy that the liquor inside is going to kill it.

Chris de Burgh – Moonlight and vodka

Fix me a drink, make it a strong one,
Hey comrade, a drink, make it a long one,
My hands are shaking and my feet are numb,
My head is aching and the bar’s going round,
And I’m so down, in this foreign town


De Dijk – Geen Dag Om Op Te Staan

geen dag om een lied over te schrijven
maar een dag om in bed te blijven
met een grote fles tequila
en de allerschorste platen van Tom Waits

De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig – Watskebourbon (De Urbanbourbon)

Watskebourbon, de urban bourbon
A clear cut case of voor je kijken doordrinken
Want zeg nou zelf jij neukt toch ook het liefste gewoon in de kut?

dEUS – Suds & Soda

Get off get up you son of pop
the light below is bright on top
It’s suds and soda, a vibe decoder
and can I get yeah what I ordered?

And there’s always something in the air
but sometimes, suds & soda mixes OK with beer
can I, can I break your sentiment?

Dinah Washington – Me and My Gin

Well any bootlegger
Go on and show him a pal of mine
I know you heard me, I said any bootlegger
All you gotta do is show him a pal of mine
‘Cause a good bottle of gin
Well get it, anytime

Especially when I get high
And ain’t got nothin’ to do
I know you heard me, I said when I get high
There ain’t nothin’ I wont do
So just keep me full of good liquor
And I’ll be nice to you


Eagles – Hotel California

So I called up the captain
Please bring me my wine
He said “We haven’t had that spirit here since 1969”
And still those voices are calling from far away
Wake you up in the middle of the night
Just to hear them say

Welcome to the Hotel California […]

Mirrors on the ceiling, pink champaign on ice
And she said “We are all just prisoners here of our own device”
In the masters chambers they gathered for the feast
They stab it with their steely knifes but they just can’t kill the beast

Eagles – Tequila Sunrise

Take another shot of courage
Wonder why the right words never come
You just get numb
It’s another tequila sunrise, this old world
Still looks the same,
Another frame, mmm …

Elbow – Don’t Mix Your Drinks

Don’t mix your drinks
Don’t mix with him
It will kill you one day
Good advice, sound advice

Elton John – Elderberry Wine

Round a tree in the summer
A fire in the fall
Flat out when they couldn’t stand

The bottle went round
Like a woman down south
Passed on from hand to hand

Well, I can’t help thinking about the times
You were a wife of mine, you aimed to please me
Cooked black-eyed peas-me, made elderberry wine

Drunk all the time, feeling fine on elderberry wine
Those were the days, we’d lay in the haze
Forget depressive times

Eric Clapton / Derek and the Dominos – Bottle Of Red Wine

Get up, get your man a bottle of red wine
Get up, get your man a bottle of red wine
I can’t get up out of bed
With this crazy feeling in my head.
Get up, get your man a bottle of red wine.


Far East Movement feat. The Cataracs & Dev – Like a G6

Gimme that Mo-Moet
Gimme that Cry-Crystal
Ladies love my style, at my table gettin wild
Get them bottles poppin, we get that drip and that drop
Now give me 2 more bottles cuz you know it don’t stop

Hell Yeaa
Drink it up, drink-drink it up,
When sober girls around me, they be actin like they drunk
They be actin like they drunk, actin-actin like they drunk
When sober girls around me actin-actin like they drunk

Fountains of Wayne – Mexican Wine

And the sun still shines in the summer time
I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine
I tried to change, but I changed my mind
Think I’ll have another glass of Mexican wine
Think I’ll have another glass of Mexican wine

I used to fly for United Airlines
Then I got fired for reading High Times
My license expired in almost no time
Now I’m retired and I think that’s fine

Fountains of Wayne – Red Dragon Tattoo

Monday gonna take a ride on
The N train down to Coney Island
With the money I saved
Gonna get me engraved
Drink down a lot of Basil Hayden
Get kicked out when I can’t see straight and
What an island can be on
Under the neon


Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street

Windin’ your way down on Baker Street
Light in your head and dead on your feet
Well another crazy day
You’ll drink the night away
And forget about everything
This city desert makes you feel so cold.
It’s got so many people but it’s got no soul
And it’s taking you so long
To find out you were wrong
When you thought it had everything


Herbert Grönemeyer – Alkohol

Ist dein Sanitäter in der Not
Ist dein Fallschirm und dein Rettungsboot
Ist das Drahtseil, auf dem du stehst
Ist das Schiff mit dem du untergehst

Gutterball – One by One

Well, the Knicks lost big to Cleveland
At the Garden Friday night
So I wandered down Eight Avenue
To get a little tight
Got into a little scuffle all because of Willis Reed
Now there’s one more bar in New York
I can’t get me what I need

One by one, the doors are closing
One by one, they’re shutting down
One by one, the word is spreading
One by one, all over town
One by one, my many options
One by one, they’re falling down
Dropping off like flies
One by one


JB and the Moonshine Band – Beer for Breakfast

Perhaps you went out drinkin’
And you’re hurtin’ pretty good
This mornin’s got you feeling
Like you never thought you would
You’ve tried it all from Tylenol
To vitamins and more
But I’ll let you in on somethin’
That’ll cure it all for sure

I said, it’s beer for breakfast
The hangover remedy
The only one that’s guaranteed
To end your misery
You know, I’ve heard a lot of different sorts of wives’ tales recipes
Down here in Texas
It’s beer for breakfast

Jeff Buckley – Lilac Wine

Lilac Wine by James Shelton (1950)

When I think more than I want to think
I do things I never should do
I drink much more than I ought to drink
Because it brings me back you…

Lilac wine is sweet and heady, like my love
Lilac wine, I feel unsteady, like my love
Listen to me… I cannot see clearly

John Lee Hooker – One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

1966, written by Rudy Toombs

So what you want?

One bourbon, one scotch, one beer
Well I ain’t seen my baby since I don’t know when,
I’ve been drinking bourbon, whiskey, scotch and gin
Gonna get high man, I’m gonna get loose,
Need me a triple shot of that juice
Gonna get drunk, don’t you have no fear
I want one bourbon, one scotch and one beer
One bourbon, one scotch, one beer

But I’m sitting now at the bar,
I’m getting drunk, I’m feelin’ mellow
I’m drinkin’ bourbon, I’m drinkin’ scotch, I’m drinkin’ beer
Looked down the bar, here come the bartender
I said “Look man, come down here”
So what you want?


Katrina & the Waves – Red Wine & Whisky

Red wine and whisky all the time.
We had a lot of money but we blew it down the line.
We’d love to take you out tonight but we haven’t got a dime.
Red wine and whisky all the time – all the time.
We used to ride in style in our rented car.
Now all we do is hang out down at the bar.

Got to learn to keep moving on
got to learn to keep grooving on.

Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

Last Friday night
Yeah, we danced on tabletops
And we took too many shots
Think we kissed but I forgot
Last Friday night
Yeah, we maxed our credit cards
And got kicked out of the bar
So we hit the boulevard

Ke$ha – Tik Tok

Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy
Put my glasses on, Im out the door – Im gonna hit this city (Let’s go)
Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack
Cause when I leave for the night, I ain’t coming back


Lady Gaga – Just dance

RedOne, Konvict
I’ve had a little bit too much, much
All of the people start to rush, start to rush by
How does he twist the dance? Can’t find a drink, oh man
Where are my keys? I lost my phone, phone

What’s going on on the floor?
I love this record baby but I can’t see straight anymore
Keep it cool, what’s the name of this club?
I can’t remember but it’s alright, a-alright


Marsha Thornton – Bottle of Wine and Patsy Cline

Bottle of Wine and Patsy Cline
and everything’s all right
Time after time, these old friends of mine
Help me make it through the night.

Metallica – Whiskey in the Jar

Irish traditional song, ook uitgevoerd door The Dubliners, Thin Lizzy en The Pogues.

Being drunk and weary I went to Molly’s chamber
Taking Molly with me, but I never knew the danger
For about six or maybe seven, yeah, in walked Captain Farrell
I jumped up, fired my pistols, and I shot him with both barrels,

Musha rain dum-a-do-dum-a-da, yeah-yeah-yeah
Whack for my daddy-o
Whack for my daddy-o
There’s whiskey in the jar-o

Mojo Nixon / Jello Biafra – Are You Drinking with Me Jesus

Are you drinkin’ with me Jesus
I can’t see you very clear
Are you drinkin’ with me Jesus
Would you buy a friend a beer

Mountain – Mississippi Queen

Mississippi Queen, If you know what I mean
Mississippi Queen, she taught me everything
Way down around Vicksburg, around Louisiana way
Lived a Cajun lady, aboard the Mississippi Queen
You know she was a dancer
She moved better on wine


Nice Device – Cool Corona

Would you be like Elvis?
And could you look like Elvis?
And could you dance like Elvis?
Shut the bona, give me a cool Corona

Nick Cave – No Pussy Blues

I thought I’d try another ‘tack
I’d drink a liter of Cognac
I threw up down her back
But she just laughed and said
That she just didn’t want to

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – Thirsty Dog

I’m sorry about all your friends
I hope they’ll speak to me again
I said before I’d pay for all the damages
I’m sorry it’s just rotten luck
I’m sorry I’ve forgotten how to fuck
It’s just that I think my heart
and soul are kind of famished

I’m sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry
I’m sitting feeling sorry in the Thirsty Dog
I’m sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry
I’m feeling very sorry in the Thirsty Dog


Oasis – Champagne Supernova

Someday you will find me
Caught beneath the landslide
In a Champagne Supernova in the sky
Someday you will find me
Caught beneath the landslide
In a Champagne Supernova
A Champagne Supernova


Pearl Jam – Crazy Mary

That what you fear the most could meet you halfway.
That what you fear the most could meet you halfway.
Take a bottle drink it down. Pass it around.
Take a bottle drink it down. Pass it… Pass it around.

Pink – Raise your glass

So raise your glass if you are wrong,
in all the right ways,
all my underdogs,
we will never be never be anything but loud
and nitty gritty dirty little freaks
won’t you come on and come on and raise your glass,
just come on and come on and raise your glass
won’t you come on and come on and raise your glass,
just come on and come on and raise your glass

(oh shit my glass is empty, that sucks)


Red Devils – I’m Ready

I been drinkin’ your gin like never before
I feel so good I want you to know
Just one more drink yes I wish that you would
Takes a whole lot of lovin’ to make me feel good

I’m ready, I’m ready as anybody can be
I’m ready for you, I hope that you’re ready for me

R.E.M. – (Don’t Go Back To) Rockville

At night I drink myself to sleep
And pretend I don’t care that you’re not here with me
‘Cause it’s so much easier to handle
All my problems if I’m too far out to sea
But something better happen soon
Or it’s gonna be too late to bring you back

R.E.M. – Swan, swan, hummingbird

Night wings, her hair chains
Swan, swan, hummingbird
Hurrah, we are all free now
What noisy cats are we
Long, low time ago, people talk to me
Pistol hot cup of rhyme
The whiskey is water, the water is wine.

Replacements – Beer for Breakfast

All I wanna do is drink beer for breakfast
All I wanna eat is them barbecue chips
All I want is someone just to try to protect us
You can try but you’d never wanna try to defect us

Honey, yeah, I am through
Mama’s baby boy is a bum

Rihanna – Cheers (Drink To That)

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend
I drink to that, yeah yeah
Oh let the Jameson sink in
I drink to that, yeah yeah
Don’t let the bastards get ya down
Turn it around with another round
There’s a party at the bar everybody put your glasses up and I drink to that
I drink to that.

Rooie Rinus en Pé Daalemmer – Alcohol

Hee stomme oliebol, blijf toch af van die alcohol
Het draait jou en je baby dol
Die ellendige alcohol
Heineken, Amstel, Grolsch en Skol, daar heb ik mijn buik van vol
Ik voel me net een Zuidlaarder Bol door die ellendige alcohol.

Rory Block – Lovin’ Whiskey

Then if you drown yourself in liquor because it keeps you company
Then just remember who you’re loosing and be proud to set me free
Because it don’t talk back or disagree, it just makes you see so hazily
But in the morning light your life is scattered with the wind, scattered with the wind


Semisonic – Closing time

Closing time
Open all the doors and let you out into the world
Closing time
Turn all of the lights on over every boy and every girl
Closing time
One last call for alcohol so finish your whiskey or beer
Closing time
You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here

Snoop Dogg – Drop it like it’s hot


And if a nigga get a attitude
Pop it like it’s hot
Pop it like it’s hot
Pop it like it’s hot
I got the rolly on my arm and I’m pouring Chandon
And I roll the best weed cause I got it going on

Spinvis – Limonadeglazen Wodka

Oh als je hier kon zijn vandaag
mijn vreemde vriend
en dat je nuchter was
en je geschoren had
Wat zou je lachen om mijn shirt
en m’n huis en m’n oude hoofd
Ik zou je vragen hoe het is
en ik had je niet geloofd

Spinvis – Koning Alcohol

Koning alcohol is van de partij
Valt nooit uit zijn rol
Houdt de cijfers bij
Hij geeft geen commentaar
Hij maakt beloftes waar
En mijn ogen oud
En hij liegt dat hij barst

Ja, we lachen wat af
De koning ik en ik
We blijven vaak thuis


The Alan Parsons Project – Beaujolais

Beaujolais goes straight to my head
Beaujolais puts me to shame
And I don’t know why I’m in this place or how I came
Beaujolais and I go crazy
Beaujolais I can’t explain
But it helps me to forget the past and ease the pain.

The Beautiful South – Look what I found in my beer

Look what I found in my beer
A couple of dancing ladies and a ticket out of here
Look what I found in my beer
A start to being lonely and an end to my career

Look what he found in his gin
Lights’ looking lively when love’s looking dim
Look what he found in his gin
Souls look heavy when personality’s thin

not available on YouTube

The Beautiful South – Woman in the Wall

He was just a social drinker but social every night
He enjoyed a pint or two or three or four
She was just a silent thinker, silent every night
He’d enjoy the thought of killing her before

Well he was very rarely drunk but very rarely sober
And he didn’t think the problem was his drink
But he only knew his problem when he knocked her over
And when the rotting flesh began to stink.

The Doors – Alabama Song

Show me the way
To the next whiskey bar
Oh, don’t ask why
Oh, don’t ask why

For if we don’t find
The next whiskey bar
I tell you we must die
I tell you we must die
I tell you, I tell you, I tell you we must die

The Doors – Roadhouse Blues

Well, I woke up this morning, I got myself a beer
Well, I woke up this morning, and I got myself a beer
The future’s uncertain, and the end is always near

The Feeling – Rosé

You and your friends
Boxes of ten
Cool to the touch
You warn me so much
The white to your left
The red to your right
Are all that I’d seen
Til I realised the love that I seek
Lies right in-between

I love ya
Especially today
I love your delicate way

The Killers – Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf

Leave the bourbon on the shelf
And I’ll drink it by myself
And I love you endlessly,
Darling don’t you see
I’m not satisfied

The Kinks – Alcohol

Oh demon alcohol,
Sad memories I cannot recall,
Who thought I would say,
Damn it all and blow it all,
Oh demon alcohol,
Memories I cannot recall,
Who thought I would fall a slave to demon alcohol.

The Opposites – Licht Uit

In de bar, elke dag
Acht bier alcohol
Ik heb een blik vol bud
En me glas zit vol
Ik heb een Jacky cola sterke drank
Doe mij maar twee Sambuca
Maak werk ervan
Up in de Zebra Lounge
In de Suzy Wong
Nike fresh géén Louis Vuitton
Gun me niks
Daarom drink ik veel
Waar is me drankje gebleven
In me keel

The Velvet Underground – I’m beginning to see the light

1944: Duke Ellington, Don George, Johnny Hodges en Harry James.
Uitgevoerd door o.a. Duke Ellington (met Louis Armstrong), Harry James, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Natalie Cole, Della Reese en Kelly Rowland.

Wine in the morning
And some breakfast at night.
Well I’m beginning to see the light.

Tom Waits – Frank’s Wild Years


One night Frank was on his way home from work,
stopped at the liquor store,
picked up a couple of Mickey’s Big Mouth’s.
Drank ‘em in the car on his way to the Shell station;
he got a gallon of gas in a can.

Tom Waits – I hope I don’t fall in love with you

Now it’s closing time, the music’s fading out
Last call for drinks, I’ll have another stout.
Well I turn around to look at you,
You’re nowhere to be found,
I search the place for your lost face,
Guess I’ll have another round
And I think that I just fell in love with you.

Tom Waits – The Piano Has Been Drinking (not me)

The piano has been drinking
And the bar stools are all on fire
And all the newspapers were just fooling
And the ash-trays have retired
And I’ve got a feeling that the piano has been drinking
It’s just a hunch
The piano has been drinking and he’s going to lose his lunch
And the piano has been drinking
Not me, not me. The piano has been drinking not me.

Tom Waits – Warm Beer and Cold Women

Warm beer and cold women, I just don’t fit in
every joint I stumbled into tonight
that’s just how it’s been
all these double knit strangers with
gin and vermouth and recycled stories
in the naugahyde booths

with the platinum blondes
and tobacco brunettes
I’ll be drinkin’ to forget you
lite another cigarette
and the band’s playin’ something
by Tammy Wynette
and the drinks are on me tonight

The Who – Old Red Wine

Expensive old wine
Forty years lying
Mice chewed the labels
Don’t know what we’re buying

Back home in California
They got wine for the meek
There’s the Bowl and the Fillmore
The Cow and the Greek

You sniffed at the cork
Chose low on the list
Held your glass to the light
And gazed through the mist

Old red wine
Well past its prime
Gonna have to drink it with you
Some other time.
Let it breathe

Let it breathe

Let it breathe


UB40 – Red, Red Wine

Red, red wine
Stay close to me
Don’t let me be alone
It’s tearin’ apart
My blue, blue heart

Red red wine you make me feel so fine
You keep me rocking all of the time
Red red wine you make me feel so grand
I feel a million dollars when you’re just in my hand
Red red wine you make me feel so sad
Any time I see you go it makes me feel bad

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